When Nena was 12 years old Paco told her he was going to take her behind the school library to see if the rumors were true. He took her during lunch time so it was impossible for them to go unnoticed. "Leave your lunch at the tables. I'll bring you right back", he told her. As she ran through all the different rumors she hoped Paco had heard, she could hear a swarm of classmates following at a slow and not so quiet pace. To avoid getting nervous that they now had an audience Nena pretended she was a famous celebrity being followed by paparazzi.

"Why are you the only one with boobs?", Paco asked.

They slid into a tight space between the library wall and shed full of overstocked books needing to be returned to their publisher.

"I'm older then everyone else", Nena answered. She was lying. She wasn't older then any of their friends. But she was the only one with boobs. Nena took a quick glance at Paco's body hoping to find something she could point out in him that the other boys didn't have, but all she noticed was a small thin patch of hair between his eyebrows that she didn't think was worth mentioning.

The mini paparazzi stood their ground around the corner and listened carefully.

"Are you ready?"


"Can I touch them?"

Nena made a face and the paparazzi clan covered their mouths of giggles.

"Nevermind. I just wanted to see if you would let me. Do they hurt?"

"Lunch is gonna be over. They hurt when I get hit at dodgeball but that's it."

"They dared me to bring you here and kiss you. John said he brought you here one time and you kissed him too."

"Nuh uhh. He's a liar. I've never even liked him."

By this time lunch really was going to be over soon, the paparazzi was finding this dare boring, and the yard duty was yelling in the megaphone for Arthur and Luis to stop Chicken Fighting on the monkey bars. Whether or not this dare was going to happen Nena felt a little excitement at the thought of kissing Paco. She'd only kissed one boy on the lips before and it wasn't John.

"What are you doing after school?", Nena asked.

"Me, John and Arthur were gonna go play soccer, but I can tell them that you want to scam with me instead".

"Okay. I always go to Anna's house after school until my mom gets out of work so I'll just tell Anna to lie for me if my mom calls or something. We can go to the mall for a little if you want?".

As lunch was ending Paco told the guys he was going to scam with Nena after school so soccer had to wait. Nena whispered to Anna that Paco was going to take her to the mall arcade and to lie for her if her mom called.

The bell rang, marking the end of a school day and the beginning of a memory Nena would never forget. Nena walked over to the benches where Paco was going to meet her. She figured she'd be waiting a little bit so she took out her binder and began writing a diary entry. The sound of soccer cleats on the gravel rushed her way and before she had time to place her binder in her backpack, her shirt, hair and forehead were drenched with mud, left over chocolate milk and a smushed Twinkie. Nena wiped away bits of Twinkie cream from her eyes and watched Paco and the rest of the paparazzi make a run towards the fields.