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Honey Moon

It's been about 5 days since my husband and I returned from our chilly honeymoon in Banff and I'm still dreaming about the sites we saw, the falls we took learning to snowboard, and the friendliest people we met. It was our first time traveling together and it couldn't have been more fun. We took our Zumi digital camera that we were waiting to use for this exact moment and took so much video. It's the easiest camera to use and the footage comes out exactly how I see things when I'm dreaming. That's how come I love it so! Get your own at the Photojojo Store.

My husband and I are a bit obsessed with music and creating the soundtrack of our lives, so we didn't want to waste any of this footage without adding a song that played on repeat for much of the duration of our honeymoon. He's currently working in Final Cut Pro and making a full length video with all the footage we took and a much longer soundtrack. But in the meantime, I couldn't wait, so I made this video with one of my new favorite tunes that takes me back to these lovely memories. Enjoy!

Song: You Hid by Tori y Moi



First go with our Zumi Digital


You may have remembered me blogging about desperately wanting a Zumi digital camera here. Well, we wanted it so bad that we decided to sacrifice something that we were going to include in the wedding to get our hands on this camera!
We got it in the mail last week with a super random little plastic dinosaur from Photojojo and quickly started playing with it. It's the tiniest thing, easy to use and there's no excuse for you to not take it everywhere you go because it literally can fit in your pocket it's that small. Let me just remind you that this was our very first time using the camera so excuse the slight fingertip during the beginning of the video. I was just too excited that I had to share how the video quality came out. It's exactly what we were hoping for!
Our experience with the camera: If you're going to use it to take photos make sure there's plenty of light or else it's going to come out very dark and grainy. After taking photos with it, we decided we're most likely going to use it more for the 8mm style video it takes. It's so fun. So sit back, relax, and watch me being a nerd on a bike ride through GG Park. Can't wait to shoot more videos with our new little Zumi.
The soundtrack to this video is "New Theory" by Washed Out. We're kind of obsessed with him right now and can't imagine how our life would be now if we never heard him. Here's the video that inspired us:



Zumi Zumi Zumi I Want You!

I'm a subscriber to the photojojo newsletter, and am surprised that I haven't blogged about their coolness before. My most recent newsletter informed me of this insanely awesome rad new camera. zumi digitial camera 2.0 it is called, and it's a digital camera that makes your photos look vintage AND takes digital 8mm video (with sound recording capabilities and black & white video mode)! eeek. I'm obsessing over this camera as i write this because it seems like it was made for me.

The fact that it's all digital is lovely! I have a diana f+ and it's awesome and takes the vintage style photos Ilove, but unfortunately it starts to pull on your pocket because you've got to buy the film, then pay for it to get developed. It's fun taking the photos, but then can't share them as quickly as you'd like because you need to scan them into your computer.

And here comes this little dude that can do it all digitally and record video. genius genius genius!

It's got a 2GB card and fits up to 1600 high-res shots and 2 hours of video. Insane I tell you! This should be on everyone's christmas list. I can just imagine all the fun my fiancé and I could have with it on our honeymoon :)

Take a look at the video it shoots. I made sure to find you a good video with a good soundtrack!

traveldiary: harinezumi from ethermoon on Vimeo.

So, you want to get your hands on one yet? Check out the photojojo store for more info and to see all the other kewlio camera loveliness they have going on.