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The Man Needs Cufflinks!

I know I should probably be looking for wedding shoes to match my dress, earrings, thinking about how I'm going to wear my hair, or all the above, but right now I'm in the mood for some cuffs! My fiance hasn't really done much shopping around for a suit or thought about the little details like the socks, shoes, and cuffs he'll wear so I'm dedicating this post to him and all the other soon to be grooms that are wondering how they're going to bring style to their wedding attire.

Since I have my dress picked out, I'm no longer paying attention to the dresses women are wearing in all the wedding blog photos I look at each day. Instead, I'm looking at the dudes and how they're pulling off their looks. Thank god to these guys for bringing up the par on looking snazzy though. Am I right? (see mad men-iclicious below).

I honestly believe dudes everywhere began to take notice that there's more to wear at your wedding than a boring black and white tuxedo since the airing of mad men. Guys got to see how their ladies grew giddy over don draper, and women began to wonder if their guys would get the hint and start dressing up a little more. I ain't lying. You know they look good. But in the end, this sexy suited look has been blowing up in weddings, and I'm a fan! If any guys are reading this and don't think that look can be easily pulled off, snap out of it. It isn't that hard, and real people like you and me can pull it off quite stunningly. Just take a look at this groom:

The suit could not have fit him better. I'm loving that he didn't go all bright colored and funky with his socks, and that his shoes aren't converse or vans. Sorry, I'm kind of hatin' on the look where the groom wears sneakers. Just not a fan, when he could look so sharp with a look like the one above. photography props for the adorable couple above go out to another photographer who my fiance and I so respectably admire, max wanger. To view more photos from that couple and their pertie wedding check out max's blog.

Maybe your guy wants to add more personality to his wedding attire aside from picking a snazzy tie; cufflinks are the perfect way to go. I never put much thought to them myself, but seeing how much is out there now makes me excited to see what my fiance will choose. Most of the below cufflinks were found on etsy, but the other more colorful ones were surprisingly from vera bradley. I must say I am quite the Vera Bradley fan. My fiance actually found the tie that he wore in our save the date card there and it was perfect. Just the right amount of color and personality. So why not go with vera for a unique cufflink that can pop?
vintage typewriter keys cufflinks by qa create

bloodwood cufflinks by holcomb's woodworking

king of hearts vintage cufflinks by crimson king

Because these were way too cool to pass up, there are also these sugar skull calavera cufflinks by little angels jewelry



fotos, fotos, fotos

the countdown to our wedding is coming up on 4 months. save the dates have been sent out (will post images soon), so now people know that there's something going down for real. we've already started to hear back from friends and family that they love our card and can't wait for the wedding. we can't either, but we also know there's a lot more planning to do to make it the best party we've ever thrown!

before i start creating the really long list of to-do's we have yet to get to, i'm going to tap myself on the back because we've got one of the most important tasks crossed off. yay for us, because we've got one of the best photographers to capture our day. that alone makes me feel like the wedding needs no other planning. i'm serious. she's that awesome!

she is none other than ms. sarah yates. i came across her photography when i was researching the ace hotel in palm springs for a possible bachelorette party. my google search presented me with this lovely arrange of photos taken at the ace. i fell in love with the dream-like 70's essence immediately, and thought, 'i wish i could have pictures of me like that! those are the type of pictures i want to show my kids someday'. coincidentally, i stumbled upon those photos while also searching for the perfect photographer, and thought it wouldn't hurt to contact her. so i did. and it just so happened that her personality reflected the beautiful, artistic and creative photographs she takes. and, boom! just like that we had to have her.

*see sarah's photos from the ace hotel that made me fall in love here.

my fiance and i had the honor of meeting her in person to chat and instantly found a friend in her. knowing that she's going to be there on our wedding day brings a smile and giggle to my face and a sense of ease that she's going to capture the day exactly the way i've always dreamed. my fiance and i have already talked about how we can't wait for her to take our family portraits (once we make cute little babies of course!), but one thing at a time. slow down junia!

if you want to check out more of sarah's photographic awesomeness, she's got a picture a day blog that herself and super talented boyfriend, lou mora have going on: birds of a feather.