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Press Play: Washed Out

I'm pretty excited to see another official Washed Out video come out. Considering it's such a weird drizzly and humid Sunday, I thought it'd be the perfect tune for a Press Play. My husband and I are pretty bummed we weren't able to catch him on tour (we were on our honeymoon, but that's not to say there wasn't a lot of Washed Out playing throughout our entire trip). If you're planning any road trips in your near future you have to add Washed Out to your playlist. You'll experience the road on a whole other level. Seriously! This video's nostalgic, his music is nostalgic, and that's exactly why he's become one of my favorite artists. Did I ever mentioned that we almost had our first dance to a Washed Out song? Yup, but there was a last minute change. Anyway, his music pretty much gives your memories the best soundtrack! Enjoy!


Lo-Fi Dreamy Tunes


A few weeks ago the uber adorable Ashley of Hi-Fi Weddings contacted me about doing a Guest Mix on her site. Score! Andres and I had become huge fans of the site since the planning of our wedding (there's nothing else like it!), hoping to one day get our wedding playlist on there (which will as soon as I compile our old school oldies wedding playlist! yay!), so to be asked to be a part of it made my day! The idea of possibly inspiring other couples looking to add some tunes to their wedding playlist, or just to stop by for some good listening is what got me and Andres that much more into compiling one awesome playlist. 

Because we've been obsessing over Toro y Moi and Washed Out for the past months it was easy for me to use them as my inspiration. Their music embodies what a lo-fi dreamy Summer would look like to me. If I could go back and add a soundtrack to each childhood video of myself it would easily be compiled of those two artists. Plus, it's kind of almost Summer, so I thought it would be perfect to go with this flow. Of course there had to be cover art. What kind of mix would it be if I didn't provide an awesome cover? So thank you Andres, my insanely talented husband, for designing the perfect cover & back art for the Lo-Fi Dreamy Summer Mix

Head over to my Guest Mix post on Hi-Fi Weddings to listen, and take some time to snoop around because it really is a great site! I wanna hear!