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Calaveras, Hearts, and Vinyl

This Christmas we were a bit tight on money so it was time to get creative. My fiancè, Andres decided to do a large 4' x 6' vinyl installation in his nieces' bedroom (He's kind of a vinyl guru). She recently turned 10 so I did my best to help him figure out what kind of design I would have liked to have if I were a 10 year old girl. He didn't want something too girly and with an edge. He hand drew the design, scanned it, vectorized it, then took it to the vinyl plotting machine to get cut. Once that was done he hand picked the vinyl, taped it up and that's what you see here:

Next came the application of the piece which became a little tricky because of the glossy paint on the walls. So I helped.
The final piece was applied:

And then the final product came out so awesome that we quickly turned it into a photo booth opportunity! Andres and the new recipient of a one of a kind design:



Andres and I have been hard at work creating the foundation to our teeny business, popote. It began with a lot of talk about opening up our own store, then realized we didn't have the moola to get any of that in the works, and went back to the drawing table. It then came to, "What can we make now?" Andres, coming from a print making/graphic design background thought it would be great to design our own line of cards. We walked around different stores, seeing what was out there. It was inspiring to see many creative cards being made, many of which could easily be framed because they were so artistic. To set ourselves apart from everything that we saw out there, we decided to experiment with a different medium, vinyl. 
Working with close friend, Annie (also a graphic designer), we came up with some designs, put them through the plotting machine, and began the strenuous, but somehow relaxing job of picking vinyl. Thanks to a good friend, Francois, we were able to book a table at this year's SF Zine Fest. We got our name out there, had some sales, and got motivated to keep the action going. We quickly opened an ETSY shop, and are currently picking more designs and creating new cards that should be posted on ETSY within the next couple days. We're also making home decals that you can place pretty much anywhere around your house (your plain IKEA kitchen table, refrigerator, wall, mirror, laptop, etc). We've been getting a lot of great feedback on what we're doing and it's just making us work that much harder on creating things that we hope everyone else will enjoy. While creating all this is fun, we're also finding out how much it takes to make yourself an actual business. There's a lot of stuff we need to educate ourselves on, but we're so thankful that we are surrounded by creative minds that can lend in really useful tips! Hopefully we will also have a table at Bazaar Bizarre, and APE, so keep an eye out for us! In the meantime check out our popote shop


Foto of the Weekend

This is what happens when Andres doesn't get any sleep. Sadly, this is our kitchen. And sadly, it stayed this way the entire weekend, until just a couple hours ago. Normally, I would have flipped out, and gone OCD on him, but it didn't seem fit considering all his hard work payed off! All this catastrophe was made to show at an awesome event, Yuri's Night, that was put on at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. The event was in celebration of Yuri Gagarin, the first human to go into space on April 12, 1961. The event was a collaboration of art, science, technology, space, and music. It was quite the event! (click on the photo to see it enlarged)

*Click here and here to view the final pieces that Andres submitted for Yuri's Night!