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Music Philosophy


What happens when you combine boredom, song lyrics, and fun typography? Music Philosophy. It's a simple project by designer, Miko, that caught my eye and had to share. You can never have enough great song quotes, so I can see this project lasting a lifetime. It's simple and such a fun way to combine memorable text with interesting design. I'm a fan. If there are song quotes that you want to submit, you can! Which has got me thinking...what song would I like to see turned into a Music Philosophy piece???



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This post is dedicated to Annie, who is a graphic designer & is obsessed with the ampersand (she's even mentioned that it's the one thing she would get tattooed!). Plus, she just purchased this awesome poster & I bet she sits in her apartment covering one eye & quizzing herself!

Being around her & Andres during many of their typography-infatuated conversations about which type is better for specific designs has brought me to appreciate this little guy. I must admit, the ampersand is my favorite character to write out, so when I came across 300&65 Ampersands, I got all giddy to share! I'm beginning to find more & more blogs related to posting on a specific topic for each day of the year & it's pretty neat. I admire the focus & dedication. I couldn't do it.

300&65 Ampersands will turn anyone into an ampersand lover. It did to me! You'll find yourself going back through the entire year of ampersands in no time. Ah, sometimes I just love the internet!

So, Annie...which ampersand is it going to be??? Inquiring minds want to know!