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Press Play: The Radio Dept.

 "Memory Loss"


Geez, it's been a while since I've done a Press Play post sharing some tunes with you. Lo siento! It's still a challenge finding time to get lost on the internet and find the things that I want to share with you. As long as you know that I'm trying my best! 

The other day I made a pretty bold statement on Twitter. I said that The Radio Dept. and Radiohead stand side by side as being the best bands EVER. It's true (for me & my husband at least). We take our music serious, and when a band can create music that can take you on an emotional ride, gets you to nod your head, pound your hand to your thigh when you're on the train, and can move you to tears because it's so good, then you've got yourself a band that's meant to stick around. The Radio Dept. got a lot of recognition when Sofia Coppola slammed the Marie Antoinette soundtrack with a lot of their songs. Since then fans have gravitated towards everything they've put out. They're consistent with their sound and never stray far from what makes them stand apart from everyone else. Most of all they have a sound that won't get old. Like Radiohead, it's pretty much impossible to play their songs out, and you can go back to listen to them years later and their songs will still hit you the same way they did when you first fell in love with them. 


sunday afternoon tunes

Besides falling in love with a great book, there's nothing else I love more then finding music that gives me goosebumps. It's been about a month and a half that I got introduced to The Radio Dept. and I haven't been able to stop listening everyday. It seemed so fit to post them on a Sunday as I'm sitting outside in my patio area, on this perfect San Francisco afternoon listening to them. There's something about their music that makes me want to go back and watch all the home video tapes that were ever taken of my life, and attach their songs to them. A sense of sadness comes over me when listening to them that I love. I go back and relive moments in my life through their music and then have to remind myself of all the things that have changed up to the present. The fact that music can have that power over me is amazing, and can't imagine life without it. I couldn't even imagine being a writer without music. It plays such a huge part in how I write; as I'm never able to sit down and write unless I've got headphones on, zoning out everything around me. 

I hope you're all able to take something away from music the way I do, and that you all have those playlists on your ipod that you just listen to over and over (that maybe give you goosebumps?). 
Enjoy the tunes and the adorable little cloud in this video!