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Press Play: Kisses

"People Can Do The Most Amazing Things"

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A lovely boy and girl from Los Angeles make up the excellence that is Kisses. They've only got two singles out right now, but hopefully will release more asap. I don't want to play these songs out too quickly, but I just might because I listen to them at least five times a day. (Hopefully you will too). So, fun story behind today's Press Play post. I was putting it together like every other Press Play I've done, using the artwork of the group, etc, when my husband recommended I make an inspiration board with it. Genius! This is the thing about me (I'm about to let you into the wonderful mind that is Junia), I replay 80's movies ALL the time. If I'm not re-watching my favorites, I'm dreaming about them and trying my best to have 80's movie moments in my daily life. Every great 80's movie always had those memorable moments where someone was running after another person, there was a first kiss, the first sighting of the girl of their dreams, getting dressed for prom, losing a best friend you were falling in love with, the list goes on. Those are the moments that stick with me, and they're so strong because they each had an insanely epic song playing in the background. Listening to "People Do The Most Amazing Things", although it's not in any soundtrack, evokes that feeling. It stings me right in the heart, it's that good. So, because I'm such a visual person, love to share music, and always try to express the way I see things with the people I know, I'm going to create an inspiration board for each Press Play to share what I see when I hear these songs. 

What did you think of the song and inspiration board together? 


Press Play: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti



For the past week I'd been listening to Before Today via 4AD. Since I was awake at midnight, and because I knew it was being released today, I waited like a Hogwart's fan and bought it immediately. I'd first heard Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on the iso50 blog and immediately wanted to hear more. It was refreshing to hear good tunes like that. Now that I have the album in its entirety I thought I'd share my favorite songs (above).

This album makes me happy! The above songs in particular leave me excited that there's new music being created that sounds like it could have came out of my parents' record collection. The version of Can't Hear My Eyes that's on the album is different then the EP (that you can hear on the iso50 post), and I still can't decide which I like better. The version you hear on my playlist is totally classic rock and reminds me of something my dad would have played when I was little, so I might be leaning more towards it for the nostalgia. There are definitely a few songs on the album that don't feel cohesive with the others, but for the most part the feel of the album is playful, lo-fi, classic and will be on repeat for the rest of the day.

Call me crazy but when I first heard Beverly Kills, it reminded me of Olivia Newton John's-Physical. Do you hear it, or am I just loca? Either way, looks like I've got some new songs to throw into my Best of 2010 list!


Press Play: Foxes in Fiction

   "Memory Pools"


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Swung from the Branches is Foxes in Fiction's first album. Much like the mixtapes we all used to make when we were growing up, 20 year old and full-time art student in Toronto, Ontario, Warren Hildebrand recorded this album with that intention in mind. Side A of Swung from the Branches is very ambient, dreamy and at times reminds me of early Tristeza. It's the kind of music I listen to when I write. Nine songs in you hit Mialectric (Side B Transition) and it gets a little more experimental, vocals & the guitar make an appearance, there's more of a beat and for me, more memorable. What Hildebrand is doing with Foxes in Fiction is impressive. Mark this album as one of the best of 2010.