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Loteria Los Angeles

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Song: Olvidela Compa by Clorofìla + Panòptica


Los Angeles I'm sure is a rad place to live. It's a city my husband and I have been talking about moving to in the future (unless Portland, Oregon is really as cool as everyone says it is!). A few weeks ago we attended the opening of Los Angeles Loteria: An Exploration of Identity at the San Francisco Center for the Book. Letterpress reinterpretations of Loteria cards hung the walls creating a familiar small land.

Each edition was beautiful in it's own way, but I couldn't help but wander my little-self over to one piece in particular. This piece was "El Norteño". I connected to it on a deeper level after reading the description that the artist, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, was born in the small border town of El Centro, "where the sun spends the winter". I practically spent most of my childhood memories with my family there, or fifteen minutes away in an even smaller town called Holtville. After reading more about Ernesto and what inspires him to do the work that he does I instantly became a fan. I admire where he's come from, look forward to future work and hope to someday bump into him when we're both visiting family in "The Valley". Even though I don't know him, or have ever met him I'm sure our families know each other in some way. You can't come from such a small town like that and not know who's down the street!

Check out (or buy) Ernesto's work on his website hechoconganas.com, and hear about what inspires him on this short interview. Then check out the entire Los Angeles Loterìa editions here.


Doing it Old School

I have one thing that I collect, and that's cards. I buy about six cards at one time then put them in my little card collecting shoe box or frame them. If you're a good friend to me then you're usually lucky to get one from me! One of my favorite, favorite stationary company's right now doing a perfect job executing the right style and colors is Old School Stationers. They're based out of Portland, Oregon and are a cute, young married couple. I love coming across married duo's that know how to create awesome work together!

These letterpress cards (and prints) are seriously killing me, and even though I've never been to Portland, I can feel how much it plays a role in their inspiration. That reminds me...my husband and I have been wanting to plan a trip there. 

Check out their Store Locater to see where you can find their cards in your neighborhood, or stop by their ETSY Store.