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The Mind of Christopher David Ryan



It's rare to find a graphic artist that designs work that's both illustrative & appeals to a large audience and work that's progressive and experimental. I first came across the Atmostheory site and fell in love with the lines, the colors and the tranquility of each work. I went through every project on the site, bookmarking my favorites. Wanting to know a little more about who Atmostheory was, I Googled. And found From the Mind of Christopher David Ryan, " a graphic artist, illustrator, daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual". Now there was even more work for me to discover! What I saw on this site was illustrations with typography that made me giggle, reread and smile. You're going to fall in love with his work! I did.

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2010 World Cup Desktop Calendar



It felt great waking up early this morning, turning the TV to Univision, making tea and laying on the couch with my husband to watch the Mexico vs. South Africa game. The sound of the vuvuzela's in the stadium took me back to watching the games with my family as a little kid. It's truly one of the best sports, and can't stand when people complain about it being the most boring. I don't see football or basketball holding tournaments that incorporate teams from around the world. And baseball, even though they call it the World Series, I don't see teams from other countries participating. Hmm...

Not bashing these sports. I can get into them. Just don't like the people that think soccer doesn't take any skill and bash it for no apparent reason. Boo. That being said, I hope everyone that's watching the World Cup this time around has a great time. There's nothing else like watching countries from around the world play against each other and seeing the fans that root for their teams. I love it!

One of the Graphic Designers and bloggers of OK Great has designed a desktop calendar for the 2010 World Cup. It's the best way to stay on schedule with the games and can be downloaded in three different sizes to fit your desktop. An added bonus to downloading this awesome desktop calendar is knowing that it's coming from a group of folks that are really that much into fùtbol. I was a fan of their blog and their work before, but now I'm loving them even more! I'm only bummed that I slacked on adding me and my husband to their ESPN Group Bracket

Head to OK Great to download the 2010 World Cup Desktop Calendar.


Illustrator I'd Love to Work With: Emmanuelle Walker


I've been researching websites assembling a list of my favorite Illustrators to someday contact. I'm also working on adding another page to my site so you can see where I get all my inspiration from (more on that later). My hope is to one day get a hold of some of these Illustrators and chat about collaborating on a children's book. I've only done this once before with my short story, The Shed, but I've been dying to have an Illustrator work with one of my stories again. Just thinking about it motivates me to write more (which I'm in the works of doing). One of the Illustrators that I came across that really caught my eye was Emmanuelle Walker. Her work can definitely be comical, cute, and could easily convey the playfulness that I tend to write about. I'm a fan and will be following her work in the future! I've also got to find a way to get the print featured above. It's one of the best images I've seen in a long time!

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Retro Social Media



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Rétrofuturs aka Hulk4598 likes to "mix the past, the present, the future and shake it!". I stumbled on this series while digging Flickr last night and had to share. The series was created late last year, but it's new to me. I instantly fell in love with the minimal layout and play on images and text relating to social media networks. If you've seen my posts before, you can tell I'm a fan of when designers use archival images and play around with texture. This series, depicting social media services if they were vintage book covers incorporates all the above. I'm a fan. 


Great Movies, Great Design


[Ibraheem Youssef via these giants]

I'm completely digging these movie poster renditions. Not only do I love that the artist, Ibraheem Youssef chose such awesome movies, but these posters are just so good! If you've seen the movies, you'll understand the images, but even if you haven't they're easy to admire. If only all movie posters would be designed in a similar fashion. 

See more of Ibraheem's work on his flickr



FlickrDesign & Lucas Limas



Woah, woah, woah! Did you know flickrdesign existed? I just found this out and am spending way too much time browsing through all it's goodness! 

They feature the best graphic design that gets uploaded onto flickr! Can you imagine the person that has the job of having to search through flickr for graphic design? It could either be completely awesome, or a bit tediously awesome. That being said, they come out and admit that there are way too many designs to go through that it's impossible to think that they can find them all. That's where we come in! We can easily submit someone else's artwork to get noticed! Kewlitos!

Flickrdesign is brilliant. There's an endless amount of talented graphic designers and illustrators using flickr as their portfolios, so I'm pretty excited this exists! I told myself not to go through it too much so that I'd have something to do every morning with my cup of Canadian Breakfast Tea. So I browsed until I found an artist I wanted to feature on my blog. 

So this was my pick for today. Lucas Limas, Brazilian graphic designer and someone that I'll be keeping an eye on. I was instantly drawn to his use of washed out colors and vintage feel. I admire it when graphic designers use real photos and add layers of typography. Since a photo is such a strong image I'm left staring at this type of design piece much longer than I would any other work of graphic design, asking myself why the designer chose that specific photograph. I am a fan.

Check out more of his work on his flickr at luklima, or some shorts on vimeo


Annie Clark is a Designer

And likes to take pictures. And is obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. And drinks good coffee and donuts from Four Barrel a lot. And there's other stuff about her that's cool.

Annie was also my maid of honor! But I told myself I wouldn't make this post about my wedding (even though I just had to post a picture of how adorable she looked at the wedding, which I hope she doesn't mind). After years of creating awesome designs and fine tuning who she is as a designer, she's started her own website. It's still in its beginning stages, but I can't wait to see how it grows! You can follow her likes and cool stuff like that on her blog, buy her designs on Minted.com, or follow her little sentences on Twitter.

It's the best thing to be surrounded by people that inspire you, are motivated to create, and have great style. Annie Clark is definitely all of that, plus a really great friend. I look at the designs she pumps out and get totally jealous that I didn't go to school to learn graphic design or have the patience to sit down and teach myself Photoshop. Luckily, my husband, another awesome graphic designer lets me sit behind him to try and learn while he designs (I like to call myself a backseat designer), but who am I kidding. I'll leave the designing to Annie and him. But the neat thing about being around Annie and her designs is that it's brought me to love the tiny details and differences in typefaces, spacing between letters, and the way colors can make a design brilliant or horrific. Although I'm not a graphic designer, I feel I look at the world as half of one because of the things I've learned from both Annie and Andres.

See where Annie Clark creates her designs and hear what she says in this Minted.com interview.


books and design

judge a book by its cover. really. i do.

the cover of a book means a lot to me. it shows me how involved the author was with the publishing and marketing of their own work. you spend all this time writing, editing, revising, etc, you better go through the time of having cover art that can easily be framed in a cute shadow box on my wall. wouldn't you want that?

my obsession for books that i have yet to read but love to have on my shelf is a little out of control. if i could dedicate an entire room to just books, i would. i've recently been paying closer attention to the actual designs on book covers and wanted to share this post with you because i feel good design makes such a difference in everything. good design allows me to be a consumer when i can't afford to. good design makes me feel like i own something of value. and good design looks good on my shelves. so have fun with me as i share just a tiny few of some excellently designed book covers:

1. a novel idea 2. all and sundry uncollected work 2004-2009 3. the journey prize stories 21: the best of canada's new writers 4. this is where i leave you

if i've kept your attention to this point, you might also enjoy this project that a group of designers are undertaking. hopefully you've read at least one of vladimir nabokov's books, if not, go get one and become a fan. fortunately, i took a class that focused primarily on every single piece of literature he wrote (just ask if you want to borrow one), so i've come to treasure his words. this project takes nabokov's fascination with the collection of butterflies and puts a new twist to redesigning the covers to his books. designers were to only use paper and specimen boxes. take a look at the few i'm sharing with you, and then go watch the rest of the nabokov collection slideshow here to see the others and read more about the project.