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Mail Me Art

Mail Me Art is something I wish was around when I was in elementary school and writing letters to my little pen pal in London. Mail Me Art Going Postal with the World's Best Illustrators and Designers is available through Amazon and is definitely something I'm adding to my must buy list! 

Mail Me Art is a British-based project run by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and co-editor of the illustration news portal the Little Chimp Society. The project ran for an entire year back in 2007 with over 600 submissions with internationally-renowned illustrators like Dan May, Michael Slack, Jon Burgerman, Kristian Olson, Catalina Estrada, and Jeff Miracola. The first round of submissions went so well that they went on to roll out for a second Mail Me Art 2 (submissions are now closed). 

I'm always wishing for the days to come back when people used to mail letters and cards to each other. Who wouldn't want to get an awesomely decorated envelope from a friend just because? I'm sure with the amount of talented illustrators out there that there will be more projects like this to follow. In the meantime check out their site to view hundreds of submissions that are sure to spark inspiration.



Travis Gire is pretty Amazing.


He is also a long time friend of mine that recently DJ'd my wedding. I got to see him the other night at the Shoebiz (Dinostore) on Haight Street for a group art show. Like always his work stands above the others, so if you're shopping for some kicks at that store, look up and you'll be delighted to see some original TG pieces. His talent is undeniable! Check out more of his artwork and DJ Chavez Gee mixes on his website.

Here's a know who to who Travis is:

Travis Gire was raised in west Chula Vista, just above the Tijuana border. In sun-saturated suburbia, Travis's early youth found involvement in organized sports, jump-ramp-era skateboarding, video arcades, and strip mall loitering. A penchant for drawing found inspiration from early Disney films, as well as decrepid 80's skateboard graphics and heavy metal album cover art. 

Upon entering junior high in 1992, a grafitti boom hit Chula Vista, and Travis's art merged paths with the world of black books, throw-ups, and Cheech Wizard-influenced cartoon characters. Graf's bubbly, colorful aesthetic proved to be an unshakeable influence on Travis's art, from which he never quite recovered. In 1996, despite slacker grades, Travis was accepted to U.C. Santa Cruz, where he spent most of his time digging for records and dodging the scent of patchouli. He studied literature after an art class first year, in which the professor failed to mention anything about grafitti art.

Travis moved to SF after college, and while working various retail jobs, he discovered a supressed desire to paint. Around 2004, while working at a 24-hour diner, Travis decided to cut his shifts down to two days, so that he could teach himself how to paint and develop images beyond the threshold of birthday cards, sharpees, and xerox paper. He began painting on canvas, then plexi-glass, after experimenting with painting on acetate prints. His paintings came to focus on  issues of class, race, work, and pop culture as filtered through a comedic and psychedelic vantage point.