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Holga Goes Digital?

I was all over this as soon as I saw ABSOLUTMATERIALIST post it. Like many kewl kids these days, I also own a lomo camera. I've had a Diana+ for two years now and have only used it a handful of times. There was definitely an excitement that came when I first had it, but I quickly learned it was going to turn into an expensive hobby. Buying the film, getting it developed, etc. It adds up. What I enjoyed most about my lomo camera was not knowing how the photos would come out. You point and shoot and hope for an awesome photo. 

I later moved onto another fun little toy, the Zumi Digital Camera. It was the perfect size to carry everywhere, took 8mm style video and shot saturated stills similar to those that I was getting with the Diana+. And, it was digital. Just take the micro SD card out, place it in a card reader and bam, I've got my photos/videos!

So now the Holga has gone digital and I'm twirling my fingers in anticipation. "Even though Holga D is a digital camera, in order to achieve its simplicity, it reduces the feature set to absolute minimum. Even the display is not there! So your photographs remain mysterious until you download the images. This makes the experience quite similar to the good old film based cameras."-ABSOLUTMATERIALIST.com

This is definitely a prototype, but if you get your hands on more info, please do share!


Zumi Zumi Zumi I Want You!

I'm a subscriber to the photojojo newsletter, and am surprised that I haven't blogged about their coolness before. My most recent newsletter informed me of this insanely awesome rad new camera. zumi digitial camera 2.0 it is called, and it's a digital camera that makes your photos look vintage AND takes digital 8mm video (with sound recording capabilities and black & white video mode)! eeek. I'm obsessing over this camera as i write this because it seems like it was made for me.

The fact that it's all digital is lovely! I have a diana f+ and it's awesome and takes the vintage style photos Ilove, but unfortunately it starts to pull on your pocket because you've got to buy the film, then pay for it to get developed. It's fun taking the photos, but then can't share them as quickly as you'd like because you need to scan them into your computer.

And here comes this little dude that can do it all digitally and record video. genius genius genius!

It's got a 2GB card and fits up to 1600 high-res shots and 2 hours of video. Insane I tell you! This should be on everyone's christmas list. I can just imagine all the fun my fiancé and I could have with it on our honeymoon :)

Take a look at the video it shoots. I made sure to find you a good video with a good soundtrack!

traveldiary: harinezumi from ethermoon on Vimeo.

So, you want to get your hands on one yet? Check out the photojojo store for more info and to see all the other kewlio camera loveliness they have going on.



it's my Birfday!

I'm 25! I can finally rent a car! Wait. No. I. Can't....I never got my license! How sad. But that's ok, because I got an awesome present from Andres. Check out my new toy! You better believe I'll be posting the snapshots I take with this snazzy camera. After I develop them and get a scanner though!