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Doing it Old School

I have one thing that I collect, and that's cards. I buy about six cards at one time then put them in my little card collecting shoe box or frame them. If you're a good friend to me then you're usually lucky to get one from me! One of my favorite, favorite stationary company's right now doing a perfect job executing the right style and colors is Old School Stationers. They're based out of Portland, Oregon and are a cute, young married couple. I love coming across married duo's that know how to create awesome work together!

These letterpress cards (and prints) are seriously killing me, and even though I've never been to Portland, I can feel how much it plays a role in their inspiration. That reminds me...my husband and I have been wanting to plan a trip there. 

Check out their Store Locater to see where you can find their cards in your neighborhood, or stop by their ETSY Store.

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May 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHi-Fi Weddings

Totally! This set would be so perfect for Father's Day cards! I got all my Mother's Day cards from their "Stems & Flowers" line. :) Loving this company!

May 6, 2010 | Registered CommenterJunia

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