If you were to take a peek into my everyday life, you'd see a goofy little 5 foot tall woman. I carry bags that are too large and heavy for one person to carry. I spent the first half of my life practicing the many faces, movements and voices of Jim Carrey. I've spent the second half of my life doing the same with Amy Sedaris.

I've taught creative writing to high schoolers, sang the days of the week song to preschoolers, taught reading to third graders, then decided I wanted to become a part of the start up world in San Francisco. 

The past five years I've jumped from being an online Community Manager, Content Writer, and Social Media Manager. I like people and I like writing so it's worked out!

From 2002 to 2006 I had the most memorable experience in the Creative Writing department at San Francisco State University soaking in everything from my Latin American Literature & La Raza Creative Writing classes. I've since been refining my voice and sharing it through short stories.

When I'm not updating this blog, I'm freelance writing for 100 Layer Cake and putting together weekly guest posts on Sitting in a Tree

Want to say hello? Yay! Email me at lajunia [at] gmail [dot] com