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Designers fashion for Children

A combination of black and red means exceptional style in the world of kids’ fashion. Such a mixture makes any outfit look exclusive and not resemble the style of other children. Black and red are always in trend and you can be sure that by choosing the creations of Katya, Diesel Kids, MSGM and many other famous designer brands, you choose not only exclusive design and extraordinary style, but also exceptional quality of every piece of clothing. Catya offers a warm red hat with a pompon that looks stylish and trendy and will definitely make your child stand out from the crowd. Another option is a black leather jacket by Diesel Kids. It makes any little girl look cool and stylish. MSGM offers a black sweatshirt embellished with a colorful patches and a number of cute little details. The patches are always in trend and will help your little fashionista reveal her individual style and taste in fashion. Dolce & Gabbana provides young ladies with a stylish red bag that looks good with Mini Melissa sandals. Such a combination can be added with a black skirt by Karl Lagerfeld Kids and the outfit of your child will be complete. We are sure that such clothes will make your girl look exceptionally stylish and not resemble anyone else. All clothes and footwear presented on our website are made of the best-quality materials and softest fabrics that make the clothes pleasant to wear on a daily basis. If you are unsure what to choose for your little lady, we recommend you to look through the collections of such renowned designers as Dolce & Gabbana, Mini Melissa, Catya and many others to find the most fantastic outfit for your kid. Don’t hesitate to start looking for enjoyable designs and amusing styles for your little girl to look great and feel good day after day.

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The character & actor that I most loved to hate in the Harry Potter series was Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton). Everytime he came on screen all he would say was, "POTTAH!". I secretly loved it though. Aside from that, he was such a wimp - always running away, crying, being weird, and didn't seem to be aging well. I recently saw him in The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and was, once again, annoyed with the character he played, and again thought, "Aww, he didn't get cute like the other guys". BUT, wait, wait! Then I saw these Band of Outsiders photos with him and Mr. Ron Weasley and had to back myself up. Woah, woah, Malfoy, you DID age well! I'm really digging the polaroid photos that they've been releasing to show their new lines and am definitely loving these. I hope I didn't come off too much like a teenybopper. 

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KIM HØLTERMAND is an architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. His images are nothing less than breathtaking and through hints of fog, lighting or stillness, evoke a sense of nostalgia. It was hard to choose from his collections, but in the end I felt most connected to this goals series. It felt like almost every weekend of my childhood was spent watching my older brother play soccer. He was a star, and as we all like to admit, could have easily made it pro. But, that's a whole other story. My parents were on top of getting us out of the house as early as possible, especially on tournament weekends when the fields would start lining up with duffle bags and smelly shin guards before the sun came out. There were mornings when we'd arrive and the fields looked exactly the way they do in these images. The grass would still be wet, the fog beginning to roll out and make way for all the boys that would, in just hours, lead their teams to a trophy victory. While my dad would help my brother warm up, us little ladies (my mom and I), would unfold our lawn chairs, unpack our little cooler filled with orange slices and Capri Sun's, wrap a blanket around each other, and set up shop as close to the sideline as we could. 

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Not too long ago I noticed these EF Live the Language videos floating around. I watched them and like everyone else thought: genius! They've just released a few more locations, one of them being Los Angeles, so I had to share! Still feeling like a noob to LA, this video gets me excited for the possibilities of making memories in this sun-filled city. 

A bit about the project: In the films, director Gustav Johansson uses his unique way of storytelling to capture the stories of three different students who travel abroad to study with EF - in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Sydney. The films portray students as they arrive at their schools, make new friends, and begin “living the language”. Everywhere they go they communicate in the local language and pick up new vocabulary, illustrated with gorgeous artifact-style typography by Albin Holmqvist. 



It's fitting to follow up that last post with a food post, yes? Two things I never really do on this blog already done in one day! What's going on with me? It must be the change in food, ha! So it's day 4 of our new food lifestyle and we're both doing quite awesome. Andres has an easier time just throwing together a quick salad and calling it a day, but me, I have to go all out. In order for me to stick to this new lifestyle I need to adapt meals & snacks that I couldn't live without before and give them a healthy makeover.

I'm a crazy sugar fanatic - sweets of all kinds make me giddy, but to be honest, end up hurting my tummy a few minutes later. So, to get me all hyped up on new things to eat, I started adding new blogs to my Reader that focus on vegetarian/healthy recipes. On my search I came across this cutie - Canelle et Vanille. Wow, her blog/journal is beautiful! I want to devour all of her recipes. I looked for something quick & simple that had ingredients I had lying around and Quinoa Pudding caught my attention. Just like her, I grew up loving arroz con leche, but as I grew older became lactose intolerant (which makes sense now, knowing that our systems aren't meant to digest dairy). I've never thought of eating quinoa in sweet form - genius! Lucky for me, I love it so was very intrigued to give this recipe a shot. (I actually made it this morning).

I tweaked her version a bit to suit my non-dairy needs, so here's the recipe:

Buy this:

3 cups coconut milk (Trader Joe's just started carrying this and it's very tasty!)
3 teaspoons of vanilla extract (I used Trader Joe's Pure Boubon Vanilla Extract) or one vanilla bean
2 tablespoons of agave nectar (I use this instead of sugar and works perfectly as a sweetner)
pinch of salt
1 cup quinoa (This makes a lot! You'll have plenty for the week, or to share with 6 friends)
a handful of diced strawberries
pinches of cinnamon or 3 cinnamon sticks (Mmm, your place will smell like xmas!)
chopped pistachios (Sadly, I didn't have these lying around, but it's a nice touch)

Do this:

+ Place the quinoa in a mesh strainer and rinse it with cold water for a few seconds to get the bitter residue off that most quinoa has when you buy it in bulk bins. 

+ In a medium saucepan bring coco milk, agave, salt, cinnamon & vanilla to a very slight boil (this will quickly and easily start overflowing if you don't watch it). 

+ Add quinoa & stir (If you want your pudding to come out more on the liquidy side, add less quinoa or add more coco milk...OR you can just add additional coco milk once you're ready to eat)

+ Reduce heat to a simmer, cover pot slightly, and cook for about 30 minutes stirring every so often to avoid sticking. 

+ Put spoonfuls of your quinoa pudding in a cute jar or bowl and place in refrigerator if you want a cold snack or eat right away for a warm treat.

+ Cut strawberries & pistachios and sprinkle on top. Also add a little pinch of cinnamon to the top for extra pazow!

That was fun! I can get used to this whole Junia cooking and sharing thing. Watch out!

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While browsing what was new on Netflix streaming the other day, we came across Forks Over Knives. I'm all for documentaries, so we pressed play. Within a few minutes of watching I had a feeling this was going to change everything. It did. So often, and I mean way too often, I've told myself I'm going to start eating healthier. That I want more energy, want to get fit, the list goes on. I've never really gone on any "diets" because that's not the route I want to take. What I want/need is a lifestyle change (it's just easier to deny it though, isn't it?). This film hit the right nerve in both myself and my husband to get us to change. I've seen family members and friends, that are my age, get diagnosed with cancer and other related diseases. I've seen them go through the harshest treatments and even pass away. I've heard them get told, by doctors, to just get on chemo and rest it out.

Without making this a crazy long post, the problem is this: We eat horrible food (that shouldn't even be called food), drink milk because we've been told to do so for a healthy body (what other animal drinks the milk of another animal?), eat meat because we think it's jam-packed with protein that we're told we need, again, the list goes on. So, we consume all this and then wonder why we're all getting sick, feeling tired all the time, having this and that problem with our health? 

The answer (which I think we all know deep down inside) is so simple that it's ridiculous. Eat a plant-based, whole food diet. Basically, eat the stuff you know is good for you that came from the ground, not a factory line. When something like this has been researched & scientifically proven (scientifically proven!!!) to prevent and most often reverse diseases, how you can you turn your head and say, "Nah, I'm just going to eat what I want. You only live once!"? I'm guilty of saying that exact phrase every time I've put carne asada, a bag of flammin' hot cheetos, beef taquitos, juicy burgers to my mouth. 

So, why change? Easy. I don't want to end up in the hospital. I don't want to stumble through bottles of pills because a doctor tells me that that's the only solution out of my illness. I don't want to put my husband or family through the pain of seeing me sick. I don't even want to have that illness to begin with. And, as cheesy as it sounds, I want the food that I eat to help me live longer. If I can do one thing in life that would make me proud, it would be to take control over my own body and not give into the processed meat and dairy that society has told me (through endless commericals and ads) that I'm supposed to eat. 

As you can see, this film slapped me in the face. Thankfully, it also slapped my husband in the face (ha, that sounds funny) and now we both have each other to support as we go through the actions of changing the way we eat. I'm sure I'm going to be tested, and that this is going to prove to be quite challenging, but it has to be done. It is reassuring to know that these changes are going to make us feel better, healthier, give us more energy, give us better poops (so I've heard), and arm us with the best possible way to raise our children (when that day comes). This is so unlike any blog post I've written, but I felt it was something I had to share. As if you need me to say that I recommend that you watch this film, just watch it! 





I really hope I'm not alone in thinking that there are few celebs out there that you just know you'd be rad friends with if by happenstance you crossed each other on the street and said, "Hey, wanna chill sometime?". When I'm daydreaming, or watching Parks and Recreation, I turn to Andres and say, "I wish she [Amy] was my best friend". He then so kinda replies with, "But then you'd be friends with yourself!". Maybe I just have a thing for girls named Amy because my top two celebs that I dream of having as bff's are Amy Sedaris + Amy Poehler. That must be it. I'm just a believer that humor is the most attractive feature in any lady or man. That and the ability to make a cute face morph into various silly, sometimes borderline, ugly, characters is a talent that only a confident lady could do! Amy Poehler, be my bff, yeah?

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Over the weekend I satisfied my sweet tooth with a trip to fōnuts. You'd think that the last thing I'd want on a piping hot Saturday morning was a fresh-out-of-oven "donut" and a hot tea (which I quickly filled with ice cubes by recommendation of the nice baristo), but after news spread that a new "donut" shop was opening in LA, we had to try. I keep throwing donuts in quotations because they don't want you to call them donuts. They're baked, not fried like the traditional donut so I kind of feel like they're more like cakes? Sure. That's kind of the consistency that you get when you bite into one. Not that there's anything wrong with cake (oh heck no there isn't). We feasted on a maple bacon, strawberry (with real bits of strawberry inside), and their gluten-free banana chocolate (which was seriously the best GF baked good I've ever had). The place was cute, the owners very sweet and chatty with their customers, and overall I give them an A. Extra bonus points going to them for serving LAMILL, but the piggy in me thinks these babies would have tasted so much more scrumptious if they were fried - just saying. 

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